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Thread: Oil cap lock?

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    Default Oil cap lock?

    Hi there,

    Since my grandma's passing, me and my dad are taking care of the house. She has the oil man come to fill up her tank but since she passed we barely keep the heat on..just enough so pipes don't burst. We really didn't use any oil/heat last year but since the oil man came by, he filled it up 15 gallons! HOLY COW! 15 gallons?!?! The guage was full when the last time we checked in May. How can it use 15 gallons of oil?! Anyway, we're thinking that the neighbors might have siphoned it out (highly unlikely) or some strange thing happening to the line. Who knows. Is there a lock we can put on it from the outside? Also is there a check valve in that line so nobody can take the oil? Curious....
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    Default oil

    IF the tanks are in the basement, and the pipes offset to get to the outside (which would be a normal installation), it would be difficult to put a hose into the tank and it would have to be pumped out, it would not siphon. Anyone who went to that much trouble would take a lot more than 15 gallons. A "full" gauge does not mean that there was not space for 15 more gallons in the tank.

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    You can get locking oil caps from the Sid Harvey Company.


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