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Thread: Flush up toilets

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    Default Flush up toilets

    Has anyone had experience with flush-up toilets? I have a basement that I would like to add a toilet. sink, and shower. I would consider an ejector pit, but have a 12' sand point well in the basement(It is a walkout and up to code for where my cabin is located). I know what the manufacturers say, but would like some imput for anyone who has had experience with them.
    Thanks, Van

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    Default My experience

    I have been installing upflush toilet systems from time to time for over 5 years now. I have used the Saniplus system with the tank that sits under the toilet tank. The toilet and pump system come as a unit. My customers like them, have no issues with blockages, and I have not had a call back yet. Some of my installations included connecting a shower to the unit as well as a lavatory. With that system if you are connecting a shower to it the base of the shower must sit on top of a 2x8 platform or you'll need to cut into the floor for the shower trap. I installed another unit that had the tank under the floor, a customer purchased it a the big blue box store. When the jacuzzi tub drained the tank would not keep up with it. A call to the manufacturer resulted in a replacement larger pump being sent to the customer at no charge (other than my bill for swapping it out). Based on my experience I would recommend the Saniplus system. If your application will allow it you can get and extension to put the tank on the other side of the wall from the bathroom. Do be aware these systems do not recommend flushing feminine products or sanitary wipes, they are strictly for waste and toilet tissue.

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    Default Thanks for the info

    Thanks for the info. I do have room open through the wall which is only studded now. I haven't decided to go through it yet. I have to figure fall etc. for the shower. I have several college rentals, and with all my past experiences involving time and money cleaning out lines, my wife and daughter have been versed on the subject and we have never had any trouble at home.


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