Hi all,... first post. HGTV and DIY Network are going to be the end of me yet. I've taken on the project of replacing the shower head and faucet in our master bath. I do not have the option of going in from the back as the back wall is the left side of the double sink vanity. So what I'm hoping I can do is to cleaning rip a 3x3 tile or 4x4 tile square to gain access. This would make it easier to patch and re-tile,.. right? In none of my research does it explain this, the running assumption is that the wall is being completely torn down OR a new wall is being constructed. Now I've knocked out a few tiles already, but I also crumbled and destroyed the green wall behind the tile in the process. I'm ok with replacing the Moen faucet assembly and shower head. Research went well on that stuff. I think I'll also be ok with the actual re-tiling.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks