We are looking to replace a non-working 20-yr-old kinetico water softener, and are wondering whether or not we need to treat for Iron. Our city's water analysis said the highest detected rate was .3 and lowest was 0. This is the first house I've ever lived in, however, where we've noticed slime in the toilets (mostly just one toilet, oddly enough). So I think we may be in a high-iron area (wierd bc we only moved 3 miles away & I'd never seen the toilet residue before). Should we look into treating for iron?

We are in Phoenix, and water hardness is around 13, if that matters at all.

BTW we had a plumber and later a kinetico sales rep look at our existing system, and each time someone comes out, the system gets worse. When we moved in, it was quiet. Then the plumber played with it and it started running... ALL the time. Today the kinetico guy played with a phillips screw on the valve, and now our bypass valve is flooding our basement. NICE. We put buckets underneath it and are going to look into a fleck system, I think (though we are wondering what the difference is between that and the GE system for $400 at DIY stores, KWIM?).