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Thread: Moving and changing shower valve help

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    Default Moving and changing shower valve help

    I went from a 34" X 48" pan to a smaller 32" X 48" pan. By doing this I just realized that my shower handles are way off now. I also was planning on switching from a two handle to a single handle moen valve.

    (The left handle is actually where the center of the shower/valve should be)

    1) How would I move the supply lines and valve to work with the new pan.

    2) Can I just use two 45 degree fittings to move the left supply line to the left about 4-6" and then just leave the right supply line alone.

    3) Does it matter how high I start the 45's.

    Any other suggestions.

    Thanks in advance,

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    the wall looks to be wide open. I would do what ever it takes to put the valve were you want it to be. You have the choice to place fittings anyplace you like.

    good luck
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    I would replace that valve while the wall is open with a pressure balanced mixer.

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    Default valve

    IF you use the correct valve its openings will be on the sides, not the bottom so you can run the lines anyway necessary to get them into the proper position.


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