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    Quote Originally Posted by novicepiper View Post
    so let me get this right mr presidential nominee.....what your saying is - if i was to be as unfortunate to live in Connecticut (never been to Connecticut so im not negative) you would charge me through the nose becuse i earn more than the mississippi folk?

    i may have red that wrong but thats what it sounds like to me you capitalist.....only joking - yeah i hear what your saying......every trade trys to screw the punter for as much as they can... the good ones just do a really good job also a joke - you helped me out a great deal on my last project - so i know your decent enough to have a joke with

    im going to say this will probably cost me somewhere in the region of $4.5 $7K
    Yea thats kinda right. If you lived in French Camp Missisippi in a $45K shack we could use some of that good plumbing stuff that went to the dump in New Orleans after Katrina and your shack would have a nice upgrade. I wouldn't charge much cause it doesn't cost me very much for that old doublewide $47K tin house on wheels I live in just up the street from your shack...

    On the other hand remodeling your $ 1.8M home in New Canaan, CT. might just cost a little more but then it costs me a little more to live there too...

    Of course in French Camp we kin probably have Crawdads n Hot Sauce for lunch that we git out of the trap down in the crik.
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