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Thread: Hose clamp for well pump+ other ?s.

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    Default Hose clamp for well pump+ other ?s.

    I have not found good hose clamps at the local HD and Lowes. The ones there are weak. I will be placing a pump 480 feet down with poly. What recomendations or tips for the connections?
    I have seen mention of extended length barb fittings. Where (Home cheapo?) do you get them?
    What are the pros and cons of torque arrestors?
    I was thinking of using 500 feet of cable to lower the pump with a winch instead of hand lowering. The cable would then be used if we needed to raise the pump later if necessary. Any thoughts?

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    Buy your hose clamps and barb fittings at a plumbing supply if they will sell to you. I believe Ideal are the best.

    No cable, no torque arrestors. Just tape the wire to the pipe every ten feet and from the pump to the top of the splice.


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    Default Clamps

    Ideal brand is the best, but had some problems with their clamps just the other day. Repaired a water line leak in a yard and used 4 Ideal clamps. Had to go back and dig it up again as was leaking again. What I found was 2 clamps broke after I covered it up. They were only tightened with a simple nut driver. Close look showed no USA stamped on them. I had some that did say USA and so far no more call back on that one. The band had broke, not the gear part. I think they are having them made in China. I'd insist on the ones from USA if I were you.

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    The primary cause of problems with hose clamps is overtightening them. You don't tighten them until you can't tighten them anymore. And you should cool the PE before tightening the clamps.

    Anyone selling the clamps, I agree ideal is best, should have or can order the tee handled ratchet torque wrench. I think I paid <$20 for mine 10+ years ago.
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