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Thread: Lever trap thing not long enough?

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    Default Lever trap thing not long enough?

    OK so I installed new Kohler pedestal sink. Fine. Installed Pegasus faucets. Fine.

    Only remaining hitch is that the lever pull for the plug isn't working, because it seems that the distance between the waste/ball valve ("horizontal stick") and the pull-up ("vertical stick") is too great when mounted to this sink, therefore the plastic part with the holes / spring clip arrangement does not reach without being bent, and if it's bent that much the spring clip flies off..

    Is there such a thing as a longer "horizontal stick"? or is there another solution?

    If so, what's it called and where do I get one? Thank you!

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    Go to a hardware store and get a "rod coupling" and a piece of metal rod to add onto the ball rod. Bring the ball rod with you to get the right size.


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