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Thread: shower faucet back flow problem?

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    Default shower faucet back flow problem?

    After recently having some yard excavation work done, and quite a bit of silt coming thru the faucets after that, I now have an issue with hot water coming out of the cold water faucet when it is initially turned on. I was told it was possible a back flow problem with a single lever faucet in the system (ie the tub/shower control...Symmons Model A maybe??). If this is the case what can be done it fix it or is this the wrong diagnosis?

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    Default water

    If it is the right diagnosis, repair the faucet. If it is the wrong one, and there is no way for us to know which it is, then find the real cause, and we cannot do that either from here.

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    What's up with the silt? Were they working on your water main?

    The hot to cold crossover normally would only happen if you have a pumped recirculation system. Well, do ya?? !!!!


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