here's the scenario...
we just had a pedestal sink installed.
1. the plumber never removed the caulking from the wall from the previous sink. so when he installed the basin, it can't sit flush (due to one vertical line of caulk on the left side).

2. he only fastened it to the wall with tapcon screws. he said this was fine because our wall has about 3/4-1" of cement behind the (thin) tile, and "it won't pull out of the concrete. 1" sounds pretty thin to me as far as that goes. there is a gap all along the top rear edge and i can easily lift the front of the sink up and down ( closing and opening the gap in the back).

3. he didn't screw the pedestal base into the floor because he said they are really hard to get at. it looks like there's plent of room to me. besides, couldn't he have just marked the location of the holes , removed the base, and then put back in place and use a wratchet to place the screws? i'm pretty sure he just used silicone caulk to "adhere" the base to our tile floor. there was also a bead on top of the pedestal to "adhere" the sink to the base.

this sounds like he just wanted to cut out any step that involved any effort on his part. i feel like this set up will become very problematic for us in the future.