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Thread: Catch basin question in chicago

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    Default Catch basin question in chicago

    I cut off my gutters (they are draining above ground) and have all new sewer system that is overhead and runs out to the street. I assumed this would take care of any water running into the catch basin. However during a heavy rain, the catch basin has filled with water. Where would it be coming from? PLease note non of the house plumbing is tied to the catch basin. Also the reason for the questions is that the catch basin is located in a crawl space.

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    I assume by catch basin you mean sump pump pit. You probably have perimeter drains around the interior of your basement/crawl space foundation that drain into it. This is fine. Its also possible that you have exterior perimeter drains around the foundation that drain into it. This is generally a bad design as you don't want to bring storm water into the house but its been done before. If your sure gutters were tied into this than there is a reasonable possibility that the exterior perimeter drains are also draining into this. Not ideal but at this stage the easiest thing to do is install a pump and live with it. Redoing perimeter foundation drains is A LOT of work (I've done it - not fun), expensive, messy and not worth even considering unless you have serious basement water issues.


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    I believe that the poster means something like this...

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    Default catch basin

    In Chicago a "catch basin" usually means a grease trap for the kitchen sink. ALL homes used to have them although I do not know if they are still a requirement.

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    Default Catch basin question in chicago

    I have simp pit. The house I own is over 90 years old. The old catch basin was for the gutters and the kitchen grease. I have no plumbng from my home going to it. I totally remodeled the house. But during heavy rains it fills with water. I can see to pipes coming to it and both drain a little water into it. Cant figure out where they are coming from.
    Any thoughts?


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