Hey Fellas,
I went to fork over the dough and pick up a Toto Vespa from my local Toto dealer but he's out of stock in a Bone Elongated model.

In the mean time, though, he gave me a cutsheet that shows the dimensions. What it doesn't tell me, though, is how close to the wall the toilet base gets mounted. I see the tank is 3/4" away.

Because I live in an older house, my baseboard is quite tall and it is 3/4" thick (or perhaps a wee touch more) plus I've got a shoe moulding that extends out an additional 1/2".

I measure EXACTLY 13-1/4" from the baseboard (which is 3/4" thick) to the closet flange bolts on my existing model. Will I have to remove the shoe moulding in order to get the Vespa to fit?

Also, from the datasheet, it shows the skirt 11-3/4" wide. That means it will be only be 5/8" away (measured from edge, not center) from my supply rough in (which comes in on the floor). Is this too close?

My dealer told me that if things don't fit, as long as I have carefully unboxed it, I can bring it back for a full refund. I'd hate to get my POS (and cracked) Eljer out of there only to have to put it back.

I don't see why I couldn't rotate the unifit adapter slightly to get a little extra clearance if I needed it. Is there room for that under the skirt?