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Thread: Toto Promenade G-Max vs E-Max

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    Default Toto Promenade G-Max vs E-Max

    I just brought home my new toto promenade and discovered that it was an eco e-max rather than a g-max. Do I return it for the g-max or is the e-max going to perform comparably? When I called to complain, the salesman said that the g-max was no longer available. I'm in the midwest where water conservation is not as dire an issue (flat rate pay, no water credit) and I think the pricing is comparable. So it all comes to performance. Hope you'all can instruct me. Thanks
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    Give it a try and see how you like it!
    If you have problems post back and we'll tell you what to do...
    P.S. You probably won't be posting back!

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    The old Promenade was not available in the G-max but the new style is.
    The salesperson does not know what they are talking about.
    You should have receieve a Eco bowl and a ST423S G-max tank if that is what you asked for. If you received a ST423E than you have a E-max tank.

    If you find you don't like the E-max flush you can remove the plastic float above the flapper and it will than be a G-max.

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    Default Toto-rific!

    Just wanted to post back to happily end my story of the promenade e-max...
    Installation was easy (for the hired plumber) and it has been working flawlessly for the past few weeks. It looks beautiful in our bathroom with older fixtures. I can't compare it with it's g-max version but my fears of not enough gpf were apparently unfounded as we aren't having any flush problems. Sidebar: it did back up from too much paper usage 1 time but was resolved and has not happened again. The quick flush does take a little getting used to 'stylistically' but that's not a bad thing.
    Two little issues are 1) the interior bowl has an ledge or rim and it cast a shadow which makes the bowl appear unclean...not the best visual design element and 2) the expensive toilet seat is not very comfortable and too high for my 6' tall husband, or so he claims. I say it's fine and indeed, very quiet as advertised. I am happy with our new Toto and would recommend it without reservation. Thanks for being here as a resource.

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    I just picked up a few of the Promenade 1.6 gallon toilets with G-Max for the Seattle area.
    It should look nice in older style homes.
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    Default e max flapper

    Does anyone know a source for the e max flapper. I would like to replace a gmax flapper on an ultramax. The e max flappers are not available in Terry's on-line store, and I haven't seen another source.


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