After a heavy rain my well water got turbid . I purchased a maytag/g e homespring off that big auction site . It was new in factory box . I installed a bypass so I could get water without going through the filter . Before I ran any water through the filter I used a bacteria test like lowe's sells . There was quite a bit of stuff growing in the petrie dish .
My well has about 30 feet of water in it . It's only about 44 feet deep . I put 2 cups of clorox in the well & using a garden hose followed the clorox with 10 to 15 gallons of water . I then opened faucets , hot & cold , one at a time till I smelled the clorox . I then let the sysyem set for about 24 hours .
I then opened all faucets untill all smell of clorox was gone . I then closed the bypass valve & opened the valves on the inlet & outlet of the filter . The only part of the system that didn't get clorox was the new pipes going to the filter & the filter itself . I completed the system & started running water through the filter a couple weeks or so ago . We have had a couple hard rains since then & my water stayed crystal clear . I just completed my second bacteria test & there was some growing in the petrie dish but not near as much as before .
The homespring filter is supposed to remove bacteria . Should I clorox the well again & let the water run through the filter & new pipes ? Did I do something wrong the first time I put clorox in the system ? Chlorine is not supposed to harm the filter . Actually one method of cleaning the membrane in the filter says to use clorox . The homespring has a carbon prefilter in it . Will that affect the sanitation of the system if I clorox it again ? For what I paid for the homespring I am happy with it if it just keeps my water clear . If I have to add something after the filter for bacteria what would you suggest ? U V or something else ? Thanks in advance .