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Thread: square, not round, water heater drip pan

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    Default square, not round, water heater drip pan

    Was wondering if anyone has seen a square water heater drip pan, instread of the round ones? Most of the round drip pans I have seen are like 24" in diameter. This does not work for where my old water heater is located.
    I could get by with a round one, maybe 22" dia. max. Haven't seen one of those yet, though.

    If I am off base and they never made a square one, any cool idea about waht I could use instead? I thought maybe a shower pan, but I don't think those are available as small as I need. I was hoping for something like 22" square.

    great site, I read it everyday, learn something new.

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    Default Fab shop

    If I need an odd-sized condensate pan or containment pan I go to a local sheet metal fabrication shop. They can make a sealed-seam pan any dimension you want.

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    m enards has them, we have one under the water heater and one under the softener. They were like $10
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