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Thread: Need to extend trap fitting

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    Default Need to extend trap fitting

    I replaced a rust clogged vent and drain pipe with ABS. Rather than patch the old plaster wall which I originally planned to do, I put 1/2 new drywall over it. Well, now my nicely cemented trap fitting sits partially inside the new drywall. Can these be extended with a threaded fitting, and if so, would this be any code violation? I live in PA. I'd sure hate to rip the drywall off after all the trouble I went to. One to learn on, I guess.

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    I wouldn't trust the threaded connection.
    I'd drill it out of the tee with a rambit.
    Then I'd put in a short length of pipe and extend it out with a new slip joint adapter glued on.

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    Default problem

    The trap adapter thread is too fragile for an extension, and it has a straight thread which will not tighten to anything except a slip nut.


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