Last night I heard the sound of water spraying in my basement. There was water gushing out of a pipe up near an old water softener. I shut the water supply off and discovered that the water was not coming from a broken pipe, but a pipe where a plastic plug had shot out. The plug I believe is some type of bypass (it says push in to bypass) to the water softener. If I put the plug back in and turn the water back on, it shoots out again from the pressure of the water. If I hold the plug in place with the water running, another plug that looks just like it pops out on the other side and water comes gushing out. This plug says "push for soft water". If I put both plugs back in, and turn the water back on, it doesn't take long before it seems like the pressure just builds up and one or the other pops and and water sprays everywhere. I'm obviously going to call a plumber this morning but thought I would ask for some advice on what may be causing this.