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Thread: new Am Std cartridge leaks...replaced still leaks

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    Default new Am Std cartridge leaks...replaced still leaks

    I have a new house and the shower was dripping when turned off. The plumber came and said I need a new cartridge even though the one installed was new. It was an American Standard R120 type P. All the rubber gaskets look just fine. After waiting 2 weeks they came with a new cartridge and installed it. The shower head still leaked in the same way as the other one. What are the odds that 2 new cartridges would leak in the same fashion? Now I am waiting for a 3rd.

    Anyone ever heard of this with American standard or other brands? Could the plumber got mixed up when removing the old and accidentally reinstalled the bad one? He is perplexed and said it has to be the cartridge. he also checked the water pressure and it is 50 which is OK. I also have another shower in the house with the exact cartridge and it dose not leak.

    any guesses as to what’s happening?

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    Am. Std. is one of my least favorite brands...
    Try another cartridge! Defects run rampant with Am. Std. products!

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    I had this same problem with a one-handle american standard tub faucet. Replaced the cartridge twice-still leaked. Turned out to be the "pressure balancing unit" which is in the valve body behind the cartridge. It's held in by three screws that you can see when you take off the cartridge and the trim plate. On mine it was part
    # 051091-0070A. I also found out that American Standard will send free parts to the original owner. Phone 800-442-1902.


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