So I did the DW air gap install as part of a DW replacement- kills me that HD offers one cheap plastic model only in my area. The sink top gasket compresses all uneven and looks like crap.. Anyways, in the process I must have shaken something wrong, although it seemed very smooth and nothing really got disturbed, but now when I run the disposal (possibly ten years old, not too bad, an ISE 333 1/2 HP) it leaks terribly at the metal gasket connection to the drain outlet... is it a disturbed or bad gasket? I hate to shell out $100 plus for a new disposal now when it has alwasy worked fine.. If it is the gasket, can it be replaced and can I find the part? If I do so, should I add a P-trap between the disposal drain outlet and the right hand bowl's main drain?
I should add that I really appreciate these answers to my multiple recent posts- I am just a DIY guy on what seems like a mainly pro forum. This website is great, and I for one know when enough is enough and I need to call a professional, and what their value is. I am an architect, and although often a plumber's nemisis ( I do commercial though) I also see many homeowners screw up DIY remodels.