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Thread: Jet Pump problem

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    Default Jet Pump problem

    We have a deep well at the cottage that has always worked every Spring when we opened the cottgae.. The pump is in a heat room in the basement of the cottage and is kept warm all winter. The system water is drained and pump pressure brought down before we close up for the winter. This year the pump is still primed and creates a standard pressure of about 30 lbs but it doesn't seem to suck up water from the well.

    Two pipes go downhill (underground) from the cottage to a plateau near the lake. There in the ground, surrounded by styrofoam sheets is the venturi, then a bend in the single pipe and a check valve. then about 36 feet of steel pipe with a sandpoint filter at the bottom. This has worked for over 15 years. This year, it seems the pump water just goes round and round. Could there be a blocage like ice. (there was very litt snow cover this year and the pipes and everything are just at or just below the normal frost line). Could this have caused the check valve to become sealed shut? Your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Roman

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    You could have the venturi blocked with something, or freeze damage; fairly likely. There could be something blocking the screen. You could have freeze damage below the venturi and it is sucking air; but you don't mention air so probably not. You could have less water in the well and the pump can't lift it very well. The impeller could have freeze damage. You could have a stuck closed foot valve. In other words, it's anyone's guess. You'll have to check some of these things out but remember that 15 years without problems has nothing to do with problems today except that 15 years says it's now time for repair.

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    Thanks Gary. Will look into the various things you mentioned.


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