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Thread: Could someone explain our septic system?

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    Question Could someone explain our septic system?

    I called the health dept. and got a plat of our septic tank/system. There is some stuff on there that is greek to me. Could someone explain what this stuff means and if any of the numbers here could be problematic? Thank you, thank you, thank you...

    Septic tank - 1000 gal.

    Soil condition?
    Parcolation rate = 30

    Absorption Feild Area?
    Total Sq. Ft. = 750
    Total Linear Feet = 250
    Trench Width in. = 36
    Trench depth in. = 38

    Type= infiltration 21 section

    level of plumbing outlet = ground

    Field layout mehtod = serial distribution

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    Talking Septic info link

    Evertyhing you ever wanted to know about septic systems can be found at:


    The numbers look fine. Just make sure that you have your tank pumped according to the schedule based on tank size and number of people living in the house.


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