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Thread: setting deck height for deck mount tub fixture

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    Default setting deck height for deck mount tub fixture

    The job is to frame in the deck (new construction) which will be used for the deck mounted faucet we plan to use with our 1929 Crane pedestal tub. To be really clear, our fixture will be mounted on framing not on the tub itself. The rim of the tub is 22" off the floor. Our plumber has said that the faucet tip needs to be one inch above the rim... what is not clear to us is whether this is a minimum clearance or both a minimum and a maximum. We would like to have the deck stand higher than the rim which would place the faucet tip 5" or more above the rim.

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    The one inch is a minimum. That minimum distance is required by code for backflow protection. Anything above the inch is dealer's choice.


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