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Thread: piping a washer

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    Default piping a washer

    I need to add a washer and dryer in a kitchen area. The house sits on a slab. The nearest drain for the washer [small stacked front loader] is the kitchen sink drain about 4 feet away. My question is will this drain serve well enought for both the sink and washer..... Again it will be a front loading small washer



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    You have a couple of problems doing this. First, a washer uses an open top standpipe. The hooked end of the washer drain hose just hooks over this. In other words, the hose is not solidly attached to the drain. Secondly, a washer requires a 2" drain because a washer ejects a relatively large amount of water in a short period of time. The waste water is pumped out at a faster rate than you will get out of opening a tap. Your sink has a 1-1/2" drain. You may not think this is much difference, but if you recall how to figure the area of a circle, you can see that there is a huge difference in area between 1-1/2" and 2" diameter circles. Now, if you can hook the drain hose over the sink so that the water flows into the sink, perhaps the sink will hold enough water so that the smaller sink drain will work. This is not the proper way to do it, but if there is no other way, it might work.

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    If you tie in below the sink trap arm, and that pipe is 2", then it should be okay.
    The washer should have it's own trap and vent.

    The washer is rated at 3 fixture units and so is the sink/dw. giving you a total of six fixture units which would be fine on 2".

    If the drain is 1.5", it would be too small by code at least.
    I realize that there are existing washers plumbed with 1.5", but I wouldn't recommend it.
    There are also many that overflow on 1.5".

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    Default drain

    You will not know if you can connect the washer to that drain line until you find out how, and where, it is piped in the wall. You cannot, and do not want to, connect it to the pipe that comes our of the wall to the sink drain.


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