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Thread: Install water line for fridge: No basement

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    Default Install water line for fridge: No basement

    So...I wanted to put my refrigerator on the other side of the kitchen. New ones are too deep to keep in the current location. I don't have a basement, so I'm wondering about the possibility of either:

    1. Running the water line along the baseboard. Can it be hidden by the baseboard?

    2. Running the water line up through the soffit. I can't remember if this is even a possibility...but I was told that there should be room in between the exhaust and the drywall in the soffit. Any clue if this is possible? And how to do it without 85 holes in my ceiling?

    Why does every website suggest using a basement!!


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    Where are you located?

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    Keep in mind, the kitchen sink may not be the closest source of cold water.

    I wouldn't run it through the soffet. If you are in an area where it doesn't get below freezing, then it would be quite hot. No need to run super heated water to the fridge. If it could freeze, bad idea, too.

    A picture or a drawing of the layout might help.
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    1) Is the floor concrete slab or floor joists?

    2) Is there a place to run pipe to the soffit?

    3) A picture?

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    Thanks for your replies so soon. I will attach a picture of my kitchen and a picture of the layout. The picture is lame, but at least will give you an idea. Note...my kitchen has sense changed a little bit. I decided to knock down that pantry (which is shown better in the drawing to the left of the range. It's those two walls. Now the same wall behind the range just continues all the way to the wall.)

    Here's some more info to the pictures:

    1) The back wall behind where the pantry used to be...is where the washer water line is located. The original washer/dryer was right there in the kitchen. I still have access to that water line because I never finished dry walling the other side of the wall in the hallway closet.

    2) The soffits. The soffit above where the fridge will go is the dryer vent. I'm not sure if there is space there to install the water line. The appliance sales guy is the one who suggested it. However, I thought I'd check here first. I think there must be some space between the vent and the drywall...but I'm not sure if the 2x4 to hold the drywall goes right up against the dryer vent.

    3) The bay window. I wasn't sure if it was possible to run the water line from the sink along the baseboard of the bay window. Is it possible that i can cover it up?

    4) The subfloor is concrete...

    5) And someone mentioned cold weather. I live in the DC Metro Area.
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