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    Back in 2002, Ben posted a question regarding an outdoor faucet lock. My problem is similar; I really need a way to lock my outdoor water faucet WITHOUT removing the handle. I live in the desert, and water is a very precious - and expensive - commodity. Someone is using our water, and our consumption this past month more than doubled. I want to control access to the tap, and my husband wants to be able to use the tap quickly in case of a fire. Any ideas, folks?

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    Find some Industrial Supply catalogs such as MSD or Grainger, or find them on the web. They have complete lines of OSHA compliant lock-out devices and such. You can find a thing that actually goes over the entire hose fitting that secures with a padlock. They even have ones for huge valves such as you would find in a factory setting.
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    Chech out the faucet lock shown at
    This guard has solved many of the problems you describe.


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