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Thread: Moving back in..

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    Default Moving back in..

    We have been living in temporary housing while doing a major remodel on our home. To be fair, it is more new construction than it is remodel.

    The time is drawing near to get back into the home. The permit has small print decaring that occupancy before final inspection is illeagal, or something to that effect. I have friends that have moved back into their home after a similar project without having a final inspection. They seem to think it is no big deal, what are they going to do? kick us out of our home?

    I suspect not, but they may run into problems. If I remember correctly, the permit is only valid for 24 months. They may have to pay for another and meet newer code standards?

    Anyway, back to my question. I don't want to stretch out the proccess forever, I want a final inspection and the city out of my life as soon as possible. On the other hand, I am tired of paying rent and my mortgage and want to get back in soon, and finish trimming out the project while under the roof. I don't want city officials throwing up roadblocks, valid or otherwise.

    I have always suscribed to the "it is better to act and beg forgiveness than to ask and be told no" theory. I would like to just move back in and finish out the project.

    Any advice from those who have done this?

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    If you took major systems....water/toilets/electricity/heat/roof out of service, they may well require a CO, and moving in without one would be a serious No-No. Time for a heart to heart with your contractor and the city. You should be able to agree on a plan for move-in./

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    Default CoO

    They seem to think it is no big deal, what are they going to do? kick us out of our home?

    They could. But they can also have water, electric, and gas services terminated if you do move in. They may give you a conditional/temporary certificate of occupancy, depending on their requirements and what has to be completed, but the structure CANNOT be occupied until you, and they, have assurance that it is safe to do so.


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