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Thread: Bypass Tub/Shower Door w/radius corners?

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    Default Bypass Tub/Shower Door w/radius corners?

    My first time here, hello to all and thanks ahead of time.
    I want to install a Keystone MAXX 54-59 1/2 X 57 3/4 frameless tub/shower bypass door onto a fiberglass shower/tub stall. This unit is one of those with no square corners.
    My question is about the bottom corners where the doors hang.
    Those corners have a radius of about 5/8".
    So, do I grind the corners (of the sill and risers) to match the curve.
    Or, do I raise the the sill with some sort of filler (may look tacky)
    Or, do I disappoint the spouse and say it cannot be done.

    It looks like grinding might work, the sill raises the bottom 1/2" + or - so the bottom of the doors will be around 1" above the tub rail, and the doors will not slide all the way to the walls due to the risers and plastic stops.

    Has anyone done this? Did I answer my own question?

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    Default door

    Options #1 and #3 are the only ones that will work. #1 may create a problem if the doors do not enter the side jambs far enough to seal.

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    Option #1 worked fine.
    Lots of hacksawing, filing, and Dremeling.
    The tiniest gap in the corners covered by a thin bead of caulk, cannot tell it is there.

    Thanks for post HJ.


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