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Thread: electric or propane hot water heater

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    Default electric or propane hot water heater

    I just purchased a home with a propane hot water heater that is 14 years old and looks like it needs to be replaced. How safe are propane heaters that are in a garage with all the other flammable liquids including gasoline cans. Should I play it safe and get a new electric. Its stubbed for gas or electric

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    Default wh

    Electric would be much more to operate on a monthly basis. ANY gas heater can be dangerous if you are not careful what you store around them, although the new ones have safety devices to minimize the possibility of igniting vapors. Good practice would, or at least should, dictate that explosive materials not be kept indoors anyway.

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    I have had natural gas, propane and electric heaters. I have had NG in my garage (in California). I just made sure it met code - raised up off the floor and was strapped to the wall (that may have just been an earth quake thing).

    I have always been happier with my NG / LP units. They are less costly to operate and recover faster. If I were in your situation, I'd go LP.

    It is worth mentioning that any unit you would buy now should have the new FVIR (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant) technology. Here's a link that describes it http://www.bgehome.com/water_heater_buy_FVIR.html

    BTW - Just so you know... I am not a plumber.


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