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Thread: Anchoring a gas line

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    Default Anchoring a gas line

    I've got a new gas line run up to my deck for a barbeque grill. The pipe rises about 2' above the deck and is 2" from the wall. I need/want to anchor the top of this pipe, but have been debating the best method to do it. I've thought about a galvanized cast pipe hanger, or a board and clamp but neither one seems great (the siding is vertical shiplap that I can screw something to). I want the inspector to be happy, and to make it strong. There was too much going on in the wall to run it up through there.

    I could put in a shorter pipe, but I was thinking it would be so much easier to reach the shutoff if it was up a ways and would keep the shutoff out of the snow in the winter. What would you do in this instance?
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    I'm sure other folks will have different ideas, but I'd use a "sammy" anchor into the wood, a short piece of 3/8" all thread rod, 3/8" nuts and a split ring hanger. After the inspection I'd paint it all to prevent rust. Provides a rigid support for the pipe.

    Good luck


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