I'm moving a 3-inch toilet rough-in. I have space limitations next to a floor truss. The 4X3 closet bend and flange I've looked at have an outside diameter (hub end of flange) of 5 inches. A 3" street 90 will work as far as elevation and the hub end of the flange has an outside diameter of 4 inches. I've read some of your forums and some posts mention a 3" closet bend. Is there a 3" closet bend or are you talking about a 90-degree street elbow? Any problems using the 90 street with a closet flange that has a female end that fits on the outside of the elbow (spigot end?). I know that a 4X3 bend is preferable but I'm tight for room.

Another question--what are the pros and cons of an all abs closet flange vs. an abs flange with a metal ring other than being able to rotate the metal ring prior to mounting it to the floor?

Thank you in advance.