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Thread: how to deal with sloped tile flange in tub

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    Default how to deal with sloped tile flange in tub

    The previous owners did a "home job" tiling the bath/shower. They used 1x1" tiles, but left a 1/2" gap at the tub line that they filled with grout. The grout cracked, and I have water damage in the wall. I am planning on cutting out the lower section of wall (up to a row of 4x4" tile), putting in cement backer board, and then re tiling with 4x4" tiles.
    The question I have is regarding the tile flange. On the ends of the tub, the tile wall comes down flush to the tub. On the back (long) wall, however, it looks like it is sitting above the sloped flange (this is a cast iron tub, by the way). I have been reading that the backerboard should overlap the flange. The problem is, I don't want to replace the whole wall (as it is tiled to about 11' with tile that goes all the way around the room). If I try to overlap the flange, I will either have to bring the wall out, creating a lip in the middle of the wall, or slope it or something.
    Any advice on what to do? Any idea why they would not bring the wall out over this one edge? The only thing I can think of is that they used a thinner material for backerboard.

    See attached pic.

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