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    Trying to figure out an easy way to keep pipes and pressure tank and pump from freezing in winter. We own a cabin in the mountains where temps sometimes don't get above freezing for a week or more. We only go up about every other weekend and it's a big hassle to have to drain everything and put anti freeze in the pressure pump and tank. The pressure pump and tank are in the crawl space under the cabin. A couple of guys that worked on our well told me to put heat lamps on timers in the crawl space but that didn't sound too safe especially when we're not there. Anybody have any experience with this heat tape or heat cable? Is it safe to use when no one is there? The pipes are regular white PVC. Can it be used to wrap around the pressure tank and pump? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Google Pyrotenax, they make a cable with a thermostat that goes in water lines to prevent freezing.

    They can be a pain to install, but they work great.

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    Frostek makes a good heat tape and thermostat too.
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