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Thread: Root Killer Time Frame????

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    Lightbulb Root Killer Time Frame????

    Hello all. We are using Zep brand root killer with copper sulfate. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of time line we're looking at for the roots to start moving on. I've never used this before (or heard of it) but it came highly recommended. Thanks.

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    Here we cannot use copper sulfate.
    We use foaming Root-X.
    which is a once a year application.
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    I would not use copper sulfate. It is like little rocks. These rocks sit on the floor of the pipe. The roots grow from the top down. The foaming Root-X treatment foams to the roots.

    These two solutions are not fast.
    The thing to do is cut the roots out and apply root-x to keep the roots out.
    The best thing to do is dig up your pipe and replace it and not have this problem again.
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    Possibly the best thing to do is to hire a plumber to dig up the sewer and replace it.

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    Default time

    If the sewer is flowing so the material just goes past the roots and down the drain, then it could take forever. If the roots have the drain line completely closed so the drain is completely plugged, it will also take forever. In between those two situations it depends on how long the roots stay in contact with the material so they can absorb it. AND then they have to die and rot away before it becomes effective. Hopefully when they rot away they do it in stages. If it all happens at once the mass will plug your sewer and you will be back where you started, calling a plumber.


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