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Thread: Looking for a small footprint toilet

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    Default Looking for a small footprint toilet

    I'm trying to place a toilet in a small space. I have 36" width, so no problem with 15" elbow room on either side. But the door is a little close and I'd like the bowl to come out less than 25" if possible. Preferably around 21". Bonus difficulty: 10" rough-in.

    Wall hungs may be a problem as the chimney is behind the wall behind the toilet. We'd have to build out the wall to accommodate the waste and internal cistern.

    We are also considering high tank WCs since the cistern is elevated and the bowl can get closer to the wall.

    Any suggestions?

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    Most of the companies that make 10" rough-in toilets leave the bowl the same, and use a thinner tank. Toto's with the Unifit adapter use the same toilet, just change the adapter that goes to the flange, but I think all of them are elongated toilets. I think you'll have trouble finding such an animal...

    Is there any way you could change the door to be a pocket door? Then, the swing clearance problem goes away.
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    American Standard makes a Cadet 3 in a 10 inch rough-in with a round front, model # 2384.010. It is 26 1/4 inches from the wall to the front of the bowl, with 3/4 inch spacing between the wall and the back of the tank.


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