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Thread: Toilet Flange Question - What Exactly is Going on Here?

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    Default Toilet Flange Question - What Exactly is Going on Here?

    I'm a brand new homeowner, and a new DIYer to boot, so I'm pretty clueless about everything, but I started reading about replacing a toilet, and I think that there's something wrong with the way my toilet flange was installed.

    The house is on a concrete slab, so this is all I currently have to diagnose with. It looks to me like whoever did this just tiled over whatever floor was originally there, and instead of properly installing a new flange, they just attempted to use the old one.

    The front of the flange sticks up above the tile floor, while the rear is probably 1/4" below the tile, so it's quite a bit off level.

    The flange is level from side to side, but not front to back.

    My questions are:
    - Is there something wrong here?
    - If so, what, and how should I go about fixing it?

    I'd rather do this myself, both for the experience and the cost-savings, but if I need to pay a plumber, I'm happy to do so. I have extra tile that the previous owners left, so I won't have to search for it if I need to do some demolition.

    If there's more info I need to provide, or more photos I need to take, please, just ask.


    - Matthew
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    If the bowl sets on the flange without being held up, it should work.
    Sometimes with tile floors, you may need a shim or two.

    What you have is an offset flange, it should work.
    The only true "fix" would be to break out a good portion of floor to rework the pipes below.

    However, it has been working for years already.

    I would set the toilet.

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    Thanks for the quick response, Terry. I'm glad the guys over at John Bridge's forum sent me your way; this forum is a wonderful wealth of information.
    - Matthew


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