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Thread: Rear-outlet toilet: leak or condensation?

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    Default Rear-outlet toilet leaking


    I have an old floor mounted rear flush toilet that seems to have water collecting under it. In the past, when our septic has backed up, I have noticed water leaking from under the toilet which I put down to a bad seal. However, we have recently had our septic updated so I don't think it is backing up and causing a leak. Also, we have not used this toilet in a couple of days yet there seems to be a small amount of water collecting under it. I can tell by sliding a piece of paper under it and it comes out wet. Could the water come from sweating? The toilet is located in our basement and there is no heating/cooling in that room. The last few days we have had very cool nights (low 50s) but warm days (high 70s/low 80s). Could this be making the toilet sweat from underneath?

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