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Thread: Gas boiler servicing

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    Can anyone give advice please. I have had a new central heating installed which includes 2 years free boiler servicing. After one year an engineer came out and only checked the pressures and settings on the Worcester cdi boiler and said all the checks are OK and that was it. Question :- When they service a boiler are they not supposed to remove and clean the burner and clean everything properly, reassemble and then do the checks? Thank you.

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    Depends on the fuel...oil burners need a lot more maintenance that NG.

    I would check your user manual, and your contract, to see what is called for.

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    We make use of the Rigid Mini Snake on service. You can worm it in around the burner and heat exchanger and see what shape they are in before you start tearing things down needlessly.

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    Default service

    They do whatever the contract specifies but since they are not getting "paid cash" for the service call they usually try to spend as little time and effort as possible.


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