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Thread: can you resolder something?

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    Default can you resolder something?

    I am hooking up my new Delta shower valve but one of the connections coming off the valve connecting some pipe then to a 90 is too long. Can I heat that fitting up, loosening the flux then unscrew the female from the valve?

    Any other tips or advice. Really my second time soldering something and she looks ok.

    And, can you put too much solder on a joint? I saw it get sucked up into the flux but I continued to apply solder. Probably one of those things you just have to get a feel for is it? I laid it on a bit heavy, bubbling up a bit.

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    Yes you can. And too much solder runs down the pipe and looks crappy. 1st rule of swetting is CLEAN everything till it shines. 2nd rule is don't get the fitting too hot, black is bad.

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    Yes, you can resolder a fitting, but sometimes it's easier to installa new one. You need enough of the solder out of the fitting so you can flux and then reinsert it and too much solder inside can prevent that.

    As a side note, many valves allow you to either use a threaded connection, or the inside of that will act like a fitting itself...see if the pipe will fit into the valve.
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    Default Delta

    I, and most plumbers, would remove the female adapter, throw it away and solder the tubing directly into the valve.


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