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Thread: Kohler Hatbox reviews

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    Default Kohler Hatbox reviews

    We're putting in a new master bedroom and bathroom in our hundred year old house in San Francisco, and the wife really wants the K-3492 Purist® Hatbox® toilet from Kohler. I'm not so hot on it since we mainly seem to be paying a lot of extra money for the visual design and looks. We're still battling it out, but in the meanwhile I'm looking for reviews of this toilet by people who've actually put one into their bathrooms.

    I'm trying to find out how well this thing flushes, and how "reliable" it is maintenance wise. Do the electronics inside require servicing and/or maintenance at all? My preference if we were to spend this much money would be a Neorest 500. Any opinions on the pros and cons of the two choices?


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    Toto is my brand of choice!

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    K-3492 Kohler Hat box, List price $3307
    Uses a pump to flush
    Slow closing seat

    TOTO Neorest500, List price $3200
    Uses a pump to flush
    Slow closing seat
    Remote control will lift and lower seat, and or lid
    Lid will open and close by itself.
    toilet will flush by itself.
    Seat warmer
    Warm water wash
    Warm air dry
    Air deodorizer
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