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Thread: under counter white lav. mounting

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    Default under counter white lav. mounting

    I work at a hotel and I have replace the china lav. mounted on a cultured marble vanity, the existing lav was just caulked to hold the lav up. I would like to use clips to mount the lav but do not know what to use to drill holes in the vanity please advise on the correct way to mount the lav.

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    Lets assume the lav top is cultured marble ( the resin stuff ). If it is natural stone, marble or granite, do not do this yourself.

    But on the cultured marble, first you need to get a sink bracket set from a hardware store. It will have short expanding inserts. You drill the appropriate size hole in the countertop ( underside ), put in the insert, and then the studs which some with to secure the brackets.

    Use masking tape to mark a stop on your drill bit. The countertop is probably 1/2" thick , and the insert is about 1/4". You have some wiggle room, but not a lot. If you drill through to the top, it will ruin your day!

    If this was a "factory built" top with sink epoxied in place, it may be natural stone, and I do not recommend trying to drill that yourself.

    Even factory applied, I do not consider epoxy alone to be a satisfactory mount for a sink. Brackets, and silicone caulk to seal are what you need.


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