I'm remodeling a bath and in the wall I am suprised to see CPVC running up to the shower valve. The rest of the house is copper so I'm guessing this was an earlier remodel.
The CPVC is in pretty a poorly braced condition and since I have to replace and relocate the valve I want to get rid of the CPVC > I was hoping to cut out as much of the 1/2" CPVC as I can see and replace it with properly braced copper or PEX up to the valve (I've done plenty of both).

I'm totally inexperienced with CPVC! What fitting do you suggest that I use to go from CPVC to PEX (I use Wirsbo/Uponor/Aquapex fittings using a manual expander.) The shark bite things?

Alternatively, what do I use to go to copper...of course I can't expect to solder to it or it will melt! So I would guess I'd have to glue on a female thread onto the CPVC into which I would put a male 1/2' threaded copper end. But from there, how do I solder it without the heat affecting the CPVC?

Thanks in advance,