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Thread: 60" x 42" bathtubs with large base? (Replacing a tub-shower)

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    Default 60" x 42" bathtubs with large base? (Replacing a tub-shower)


    We are planning to remodel our bathroom, and would like to replace our ancient 60"x32" tub-shower.

    Since there is no room for separate tub and shower, we still need to have a tub-shower arrangement in the new design. We have enough space, however, to go for a wider tub of 42".

    [My question]
    I would appreciate any suggestions for 60"x42" tubs that ideally have:
    1) curved shape that is more rectangular than oval (after all, we need to be comfortable taking a shower in it).
    2) large base dimensions so that it can comfortably fit 1 adult + 2 small children for bathing?

    I've looked around at a few 60"x42" tub models from various manufacturers, and have found that in general the base dimensions are small (example: 38" long by 28" wide, 40" long x 24" wide, etc.).

    The best candidates that I've found so far are these two:
    - Maax Casa 60"x42" with base of about 48"x28"
    - Maax Duo 60"x42" with base of about 42"x31"

    (I've quickly looked at tubs from Kohler, Americh, Jason, American Standard, Whirlpool, Toto, etc. Either the tubs are too oval and therefore not practical for showering, or their base dimensions are too small.)

    Can anyone suggest a tub that's not too oval, which would have a base of about 48" by 30"?


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