Hi all,
I have a deep well jet pump system in my house. Ive only owned the house for about 1 1/2 years so im not very familiar with the system. In my research of what I have it appears I have a 25+ year old Gould 1/2 hp deep well pump.

I noticed about a week ago that we didnt have very good water pressure and went to investigate. Thats when i found that the pump was running non-stop, but never building pressure above 26lbs. I adjusted the switch (its a single adjustment switch with a 20lb interval between on and off) and the pump shut off and my water pressure held at 26lbs. it will hold pressure indefinitely, but if you fire up the pump it never will make more than 26lbs of pressure. With the current adjustment the pump shuts off at around 25lbs and turns on when there is almost no water pressure left. I dont want to leave it that way for fear of losing prime, but I also dont want the pump turning on and never turning off (bad for my electric bill).

My question is this, is this problem likely caused by a old and failing pump, or is it a problem with the ejector and jet that is down in the well. Judging by the age of the jet pump, my first instinct is to replace the pump and the ejector down in the well except for one problem. I have been told that my well is under my paved driveway and there is no easy access to it. I havent yet confirmed that but it really makes me worried about what it will take to solve this problem. At the moment, I am having to go and adjust the switch to keep the pump on all the time when we are using the shower or clothes washer and then turn the switch back down for general toilet/sink use.

Anyone who can shed more information on this problem feel free, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!