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Thread: What brand is the best for kitchen faucets?

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    Smile What brand is the best for kitchen faucets?

    single gal homeowner here not happy with my "Moen" kitchen faucet which is leaving reddish brown marks on my corian countertop. So, I would like to replace it with another brand. Can anyone recommend a better brand name out there....

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    I've been pretty happy with the Pfister(sp) we installed four years ago. Guaranteed for life. The cartridge started to seep a bit last year and I had a new one in my mailbox three days later with no hassles.

    How is you present faucet leaving marks on the countertop?????


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    Default faucet

    Your problem may not be with the Moen faucet but rather with the way it was installed. My preferences nomally are Price Pfister, Delta, and then Moen, but it depends on which models you are interested in.

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    Please go into more detail about the marks...

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    Default Thanks for your replies....will I be able to get the rust off my corian counter top?

    Thanks for your posts.
    HJ, you might be right about the way it was installed.
    Cass, the marks around the faucet are rust stains.

    Does anyone know if I will be able to remove the rust marks from my corian counter top?

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    I was going to ask this same question, and searched first (of course). I am renovating a 14 year old "white" kitchen and am now looking for a single lever stainless faucet.

    Of the three brands mentioned, I have never had a problem with Delta, have always had a problem with Moen, and have mixed experiences with Pfister.

    I see Mort and HJ have PFister on the top of their list. I I like the style of one of theirs and am considering it for that reason, but here is why I am hesitating. About 9 years ago I replaced the Moen (leaking, chipped finish) with a single handle Pfister with a white finish. The problem that I have is that the handle always seems a bit loose (it's not) and the finish is crappy (always dull, stains, crap grows on it, especially on the "ball"). I know that a lot of my problem is simply with the white, which is apparently an epoxy paint or something.

    I also had a Pfister at my previous house. Again, no leaks or anything, just a feel of looseness on the handle that I coud never seem to adjust out. I like the solid feel of the Delta.


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