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Thread: Shallow Well, Muddy Sediment in Water

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    Cool Shallow Well, Muddy Sediment in Water

    Have a shallow well and always notice that there is a muddy sediment in the toilets. I suspect that when the pump turns on down in the well it churns up the muddy bottom. Is there anything recommended to stop this muddy churning? Thought about pouring rocks to cover the mud in the bottom hoping this would cure it but do not want to mess up the well.

    Has anyone had the same issue and how did you cure it?

    Help in VA.

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    If you are only seeing this in the toilet tanks, clean them more frequently and don't worry about it because it isn't harming anything.

    Yes it could be from the pump stirring up sediment in the well but it could also be from ferrous iron content in your water and it converting to ferric iron in the water in the toilet tank, falling to the bottom of the tank. Either way it is harmless and not worth worrying about.

    And you should never throw anything down a well, especially with a pump in the well. Wells can be cleaned or you can raise the pump 5'-10'.
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