I have a seasonal use cabin in the mountains of NC and have numerous problems with electrical and electronic devices. My wife jokes that a body must be buried under the house and its ghost is driving us nuts. In three years:

1. Refrigerator board intermittently beeping. I located the noisemaker, snipped it off. Also the temperature controller stopped working, and stuck itself freezer 0, fridge 33 (perfect). One year later the fridge changed to 40 (not so perfect). Also ice maker worked, then stopped working, now works again.

2. Brand new “Mr Coffee” coffee maker- kaput.

3. Pet Smart radio fence. The charger and the unit stopped working.

4. X10 touch tone controller stopped working.

5. Plug-in phone (simple streamline unit) stopped working.

6. Aquastat relay on the boiler broke- short in the circuit board.

7. LL Bean (plug in) alarm clock stopped working.

8. Bass unit on Sony stereo stops working occasionally. Slap it on the side to get it going again.

9. Circuit that powers exterior outlets stopped working. I still have not figured out why.

Is this normal for a new house or is something odd happening? They did install a new power main from the base of the mountain all the way to a new development close by last year, but stuff is still happening. We alway have (still do) get short power failures about once/ 2 weeks. Last time I checked the voltage at the house was 124.