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Thread: Faucet Handles will not come off

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    Default Faucet Handles will not come off

    I am replacing the vinyl shower walls in our second bathroom and I can not seem to get the fixture handles, hot or cold, to even budge. There are screws on each end of the knobs. I have removed these 2 screws, thinking they were just set screws, and the handles will not budge. There are 2 sleeves beneath each handle that appear to screw on and off, I am assuming this is just to create a flush mount with the wall.

    Is there something I am missing here. I can not find any type of allen screws that are holding these into place? The shower is pretty old so are they just rusted/corroded so bad that they wont budge? Is there any secret to removing these? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If needed I can take some pictures of it and post them.

    I am attaching some pictures of the knobs.
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