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Thread: Faucet Handles will not come off

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    Default Faucet Handles will not come off

    I am replacing the vinyl shower walls in our second bathroom and I can not seem to get the fixture handles, hot or cold, to even budge. There are screws on each end of the knobs. I have removed these 2 screws, thinking they were just set screws, and the handles will not budge. There are 2 sleeves beneath each handle that appear to screw on and off, I am assuming this is just to create a flush mount with the wall.

    Is there something I am missing here. I can not find any type of allen screws that are holding these into place? The shower is pretty old so are they just rusted/corroded so bad that they wont budge? Is there any secret to removing these? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If needed I can take some pictures of it and post them.

    I am attaching some pictures of the knobs.
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    I see you have removed the screw. At this point they are just stuck, not unusual for an old unit. You can spray some white vinegar into the hole to try to loosen up the calcium. You can try to rock the handles gently, but try not to damage the handle or stem. Ultimately, you may need to purchase an inexpensive handle puller for leverage.

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    Well the vinegar did not work. So I will have to get a puller, will this be available at any home improvement store?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Did you get those handles off? If so, what did the trick? I'm faced with the same problem. I'm trying the vinegar solution tonight.

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    I'd try using WD40 if the vinegar thing doesnt work. Also you can try to pinch the hole where you had the screw using a small flat head screw driver and try to loosen the handle from the stem. I forgot to add that I always had this problem when removing a mixet shower's handles.

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    You need a handle puller...available at any plumbing supply house and some of the home improvement centers.


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