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Thread: Help! Just nicked CSST with a drill!

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    Default Help! Just nicked CSST with a drill!

    I was running the data lines for my new house when I was drilling a hole in a joist. I always look on the other side before I drill, yet somehow this time I forgot. When I was threading the cable through, I felt the CSST on the other side. I immediately inspected the CSST, (there's no gas running through it yet!) and noticed I had chewed up the plastic coating and slightly nicked up the metal under the plastic. It is hard to tell if it was punctured, but obviously I don't want to find out the hard way! I will be calling the plumber first thing Monday morning, but I want to find out what would have to be done to repair this, so I know what to expect when I tell him. It is part of a long run, so replacing the entire pipe would be a major problem. Can it be patched? Or could a new piece be spliced in to replace the damaged part? Or some other way to repair it if it is needed? Thanks for your help, this is really bothering me!

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    IF there is some slack in it, he will be able to cut the damage out and use a coupling. If there is no slack he will have to use two couplings and a short piece of tubing. But why wasn't there a safety nail plate over it where it went through the stud?

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    I'm very relieved to hear that it can be fixed! There is some slack in it, so hopefully it can be fixed with a coupling. As for the nail guard, it was running parallel to the joist, not through the joist. For whatever reason, I forgot to look on the other side of where I was going to put my hole for the cable and my hole was just above the CSST, so the drill bit just nicked the top of it. I'm just very glad to hear that it can be repaired, it would have been a real nightmare to replace the entire run of CSST.


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