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Thread: Plumber for Duravit wall-mount installation

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    Default Plumber for Duravit wall-mount installation

    We're remodeling our master bath and will be installing a Duravit Darling wall-mount toilet. (The wall-mount is because we're relocating the toilet and can't cross the studs in the floor and would thus need to put in a new sewage pipe which would require breaking through the foyer and basement wall...or something like that.)

    We had the same model when we lived in our apartment and we loved it. My husband is around 200 lbs. and we had no problem with support, at least not in the 4 years we lived there.

    We're in lower Westchester (outside of NY City) and my contractor said they do very few wall-mounts in the suburbs (he's only done one before). It seems that for maximum success, we should use a plumber who has experience with wall-mounts. Or can we just use our regular plumber? We're no longer in touch with the plumber who did the previous one.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone can give me!
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    easy as pie the second time. Got to read instructions the first time.

    The Geberit carrier is standard. Bolting the porcelain toilet is standard stuff. Knowing where to cut the two pipes, depends on reading instructions and measuring from the right end.


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    Thanks for your response. So it sounds like installation is not a big deal and thus any plumber can install a wall-mount. For some reason, I was under the impression that you'd want a plumber who has had significant experience installing these before to avoid some of the pitfalls. Thanks again!

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    Default It will be fine

    I just had a duravit wall mount installed with a gerberit carrier. The plumber was hired by my general and said he hadn't done one in years. They just sat there with the directions and made it all happen.

    The only question you'll run into is what height to set the toilet. I'm still not sure I picked the right height.

    But rest assured any reputable plumber can follow the directions on this. It is just about setting the frame correctly. All of the actual "plumbing" is standard.

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    Thanks Silverlake! You've put my mind at ease. I'll be sure to double-check the height before it goes in.


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